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Lunadia's Backstory

A nameless cat understood the trials of life, yet with experience, venturing into new territories wasn't overly challenging. Despite his age, he remained remarkably lively and full of vigor. His survival instincts faltered only once when humans captured him, subjecting him to peculiar treatments before eventually granting him freedom. Although his desire for female companionship waned soon after, the encounter left a lasting impression on him, instilling a deep caution toward humans. Yet, their bizarre habits of discarding food and constructing spacious, massive shelters had facilitated his survival thus far. Occasionally, he would observe humans and their activities from a safe distance, maintaining caution. Sometimes out of mere amusement, other times driven by curiosity, he had never dared to venture closer. Until that fateful day.

A human, smaller than the most he has met, was alone outside, engrossed in play with various objects within a large box filled with a kind of sand you bury your needs in. Intrigued, the cat found itself drawn closer, inadvertently crossing the threshold of unnoticed observation. The human straightened up, taking a step back, then gradually leaned forward, remaining in that position for quite some time. It was a gesture unlike anything the cat had encountered before, evoking a profound sense of respect within it. Notably smaller than any humans the cat had encountered before, the small human piqued its curiosity. With different customs than those of normal size humans, the cat opted to remain, eager to witness what the small one’s next move would be.

The small human emitted amusing sounds, yet their voice held a remarkably calming and charming quality. Before he knew it, the cat was within arm's reach of the human. The gentle touch of the hand only added to his sense of tranquility; he found himself relishing it. Despite his instincts urging him to flee, he remained until a larger human arrived to retrieve the smaller one. It was then that he decided to make his escape, yet he lingered at a nearby distance, hoping for another encounter with them.

Two light cycles passed before he could reunite with the small one. The larger one remained nearby but didn’t interfere with his visit. Once again, the familiar funny noises and soothing touch enveloped him, leaving him more content than ever. Gradually, the small human seemed to attempt introducing him to the larger one. Both emitted a feminine scent, leading him to assume they were females, likely an adult and her offspring. The larger human proved tolerable; she, too, exuded gentleness and respect, allowing him the space he needed. However, their time together inevitably came to an end, leaving him alone once more.

He anticipated another lengthy wait, but to his surprise, they returned the very next light cycle, seemingly in search of him. Unwilling to keep them waiting, despite his natural inclination to avoid humans, he ventured out to greet them. They arrived bearing delectable food, deciding to spend some time with him before departing, only to return again and again in subsequent light cycles. Gradually, he grew accustomed to their presence. When the damp weather set in, he felt a pang of sadness at their absence, especially as he began to comprehend their amusing noises and even caught wind of his newfound name - Luna. It sounded pleasant in their voices, and he found himself fond of it. So, upon hearing his name spoken after a few cycles, he dashed out without hesitation.

Overwhelmed with enthusiasm, he greeted them with an intensity that caused his insides to vibrate with excitement. They arrived with a strange box, seemingly attempting to confine him within it. The memory of his last confinement stirred within him - a time when he was held against his will. Despite his apprehensions, he sensed their own sorrow at the prolonged absence between their meetings. Taking a chance, he decided to trust, acknowledging that life is fleeting, yet risks can sometimes yield rewards.

He found himself in a strange place, with another human attempting to touch him. Confusion overwhelmed him, leading to initial hissing, but the presence of his humans beside him brought a sense of calm. The unfamiliar human observed him closely, engaging in strange actions that eluded his understanding. Their touch lacked the gentleness he was accustomed to, instead feeling intrusive, even resulting in a few painful stings before they departed, leaving him confined in the box. Unlike the last time he was in such a place, he didn’t feel strange and dizzy afterward. Before long, his humans finally started moving him elsewhere along with the box.

Afterward, he was released into a warm place, seemingly one of the human shelters. The scent of his humans filled the air. Both of them were present, along with another human whose scent also lingered. They maintained a safe and respectful distance, their deeper voice marking them as male, Luna assumed. The females gestured towards a nearby box of sand and a comfortable sleeping area. They provided him with more delicious food, prompting him to settle down for a nap. He felt suddenly secure. Soon, he could enjoy the frequent visits from the small female, finding comfort in her presence.

They took good care of him, and so he felt no urge to leave the shelter. Occasionally, they would raise their voices when he had done something, and he quickly learned to associate it with wrongdoing. Living in the human's shelter presented a lot to learn, with its own set of rules different from the outside world. Soon, he even learned all of their names: the child was named Nadiya, the adult female was named Yuki, and the adult male was Artem. Despite their different appearances, likely from other breeds, Luna never minded. He later discovered his name was feminine, but Nadiya's happiness with it brought him joy as well.

Luna spent much of his time with Nadiya, who was mostly playing with her miniature, inanimate humans. Among them, she had a favorite: a female figure resembling an adult of Artem's breed, with long black and purple head fur streaked with white, often dressed in shades of purple. Luna observed that whenever Nadiya played with her miniature humans, this particular one was her most frequent choice. He spent a lot of time in Nadiya's area of the shelter, watching over her while she slept and resting nearby while she played. Aware that his days with them were numbered, Luna sought to cherish every moment he could spend with Nadiya.

One time, Luna fell asleep just as Nadiya did, unexpectedly exhausted from his vigil. His instincts jolted him awake with adrenaline. The surroundings were engulfed in smoke, the stifling heat unbearable, and ominous orange hues surrounded him. Panic seized him, and he ran wildly, desperate to find his humans amidst the chaos. Everywhere he turned, the orange hues loomed, urging him to flee, yet his heart urged him to seek them out. They were nowhere to be found, and the atmosphere grew increasingly unbearable. Luna's escape was only possible when a strange creature barged in through the main door, its thick hide and a sharp red tool in hand. Once outside, the urge to search for his humans overwhelmed him, but the sudden rush of fresh air left him overwhelmed with fatigue. He felt as though his time had come.

It happened too soon. Normally, he would have had more time, but whatever had occurred with his humans' shelter had pushed him to his limit, hastening the inevitable. With all his heart, he yearned to see Nadiya one last time to bid farewell. Though he would have preferred to stay alive and protect her, he understood that saying goodbye was the last thing he could wish for. As his body grew heavier with each passing moment, he lay down, his eyes slowly closing, sensing the chill of eternal slumber approaching. His final thoughts lingered in the warmth of Nadiya's companionship, offering him solace as the world faded away.

The warmth he felt soon expanded, akin to the gentle embrace of a sunbeam, infusing him with a sudden surge of energy and a sensation of rejuvenation. His body underwent a transformation, and as he opened his eyes, the world appeared different - colors were brighter and more vibrant; sounds clearer and more distinct; scents richer and more complex. As he glanced around, he realized he was still in the human world. And then, to his astonishment, he discovered his second tail.

Everything around him began to make more sense; many of the human words he had heard before now carried meaning in his mind. 'Cat,' 'dolls,' 'mom,' 'safety,' 'family,' 'care' - the significance of these words and more flooded his thoughts. Shortly thereafter, he realized that humans had never meant him any harm; their intentions were always to provide him with good care. It was a poignant realization, long overdue. In his previous life, the rules had been different.

None of it mattered - Nadiya could be in danger, and his cat form wasn't suited for this situation. He now possessed the ability to assume a human form and believed Nadiya would likely be delighted to see her favorite doll in a full-scale human form. And so, the decision was made. His cat form began to change; paws morphed into hands and legs, fur transformed into long, dark, and purple hair. His feline face took on a human female appearance, and suddenly, his name seemed fitting. Luna wasn't certain how to refer to himself now, but there were more pressing matters at hand.

Luna rushed to see what remained of their home, but they couldn’t recognize the area - after all, they hadn’t left home, and all the attention had been on Nadiya alone. The firefighters were nowhere to be found, and people in the area kept their distance from Luna. Each had their own reasons - some were curious, some respectful, and some scared - but it seemed they were all accustomed to supernatural beings. With some struggle, using their vocal cords and human language for the first time, Luna learned that no one had heard of any recent fire. This wasn’t a good sign, and no matter how long they searched for answers, no one had any news that would be satisfying.

As days passed, Luna finally decided to give themselves a break. They sat down on the ground to think everything through, but were startled by a stray black cat coming to them in hope of some attention. Luna resolved not to let at least one creature in the world down and invited the cat onto their lap, patting the stray with care and receiving happy purrs in response. It appeared to be a young female, lingering around in search of humans kind enough to share some love. Perhaps, Luna thought, this could be the way to create a place that would eventually lead Nadiya to them. And so Luna made the decision to establish such a place, recalling how Nadiya loved to dream about the adventures that cats experience. The little stray became a great contributor to this idea, and Luna resolved to give her a better life as a form of repayment.

A cat cafe would be the perfect haven for her, Nadiya, and every human and cat longing to share their affection across species. Such a place would offer the opportunity to embark on cat-themed adventures, and the name 'CatVenture Cafe' seemed to encapsulate this vision perfectly. The stray expressed delight at the idea and offered to assist further. Inspired, Luna decided to harness their powers once more, bringing nekomimi, the first maid of their cafe, into existence. They bestowed upon her the name 'Alice.' In an effort to increase their chances of reuniting with Nadiya and paying their respects, Luna merged both of their names, creating a new identity: 'Lunadia', meaning 'The Lunar Hope.'